Kanorau Digital Live Online: Facebook for Business & Community

Learn to use Facebook as an important tool for business and community.

1 hour


Welcome to the Kanorau Digital Live Online via Zoom Course delivery course page. 


Live Delivery Content:

What is included in live delivery is various topics to suit your needs. See the course content section below to see the full list of modules participants will get access to.

Confirmed Session Topics:
These topics can viewed in the session details under the register button on this page.

Access to all content

All registered participants will get full access to all current and future content in the course hosted on our Learning Management System called Coassemble.  

Course Content

Kanorau Essentials Live Online Stream Course Content

Below is a list of the full suites of content available in the The Kanorau Live Online stream course. Not all content will be covered live in the course you register for.

Introduction to Google
An Introduction to the suite of Google tools and how to access them including Google Calendar.

Online Shopping & Safety
Topics covering Secure websites, shopping, TradeMe, PriceSpy.

Managing Money
Topics covering Google Sheets/budgets, online banking.

Avoid Getting Scammed
Topics covering scams, passwords and online safety.

Presentations & Photos
Topics covering Google slides, Google Images, and Google photos.

Get More Out Of Google!
Topics covering Google drive folders, sharing and permissions, Slides for presentations.

Digital Communication
Topics covering communication tools like Google Meet, Zoom, plus overview of other video communication tools.

Digital Job Seeking
Topics related to job seeking and employment.

Online Services
Topics covering government and other essential services online.

Google Maps & Travel
Topics covering use of google maps to find addresses and plan travel.

Create a Website
Topics covering how to create a Google site.

Digital Tikanga
Topics covering digital tikanga online in terms of online etiquette.

Diver Deeper (Extensions)
A range of other useful topics to enhance your digital knowledge.

More course content will be made available to participants as new modules are released.



What you need to join us online live:

  1. A Laptop or PC to complete exercises.
  2. Preferably stable broadband internet for video 
  3. Zoom Installed onto your device

Gmail or Google Account to use the Google Apps 

Setup Help

Zoom Setup

If you require help to setup zoom please watch this video and open the PDF document that will be emailed to you after you register.

Google or Gmail Account Setup

Watch this video if you need to know how to setup a Gmail and Google account.

Getting Help 

We are here to Help! Visit our website and click on the Support Sessions Link to register and get help online via Zoom through our scheduled sessions.

Alternatively you can call our '0800 Kanorau' number, or email kanorau@twoa.ac.nz to ask for assistance.

Ask a Whanau Member or Friend

Ask a family member or friend who has digital skills to help support you register and get online during the early stages of the course. You will get the hang of it once you have received a little bit of help.