1 Day - Digital Skills Short Course (1 x 6 Hour Session)

NO FEES, 1 DAY COURSE | Kanorau Digital is a short course designed to help individuals who find the digital world a bit (or a lot) challenging! Gain the skills to get online safely and the know-how to navigate websites and apps with more confidence.

1 x 6 Hour Session


Kanorau Digital is a new short course designed to help you or someone you know to get online and stay connected with the digital world. During this digital skills short course, they’ll gain the skills to get online safely and the know-how to navigate websites and apps with more confidence.  The short course is fees-free. 

What is covered in the course?

Each course topic covers different learning areas and everyday digital skills.

  • Topic 1: Introductions, emails, online calendars, sharing documents online and joining a group video call.
  • Topic 2: Setting up online folders, using maps, saving files and photos.
  • Topic 3: Using the internet to solve problems, searching online, finding useful websites.
  • Topic 4: The different ways that ‘life’ can be done online. Being safe and keeping your important info secure when dealing with banking, shopping and other online business.

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