Welcome Learners!

Four Pillars to Learning Successfully with Kanorau Digital

A device to connect to the internet and complete tasks outlined in the course to build your digital skills 

Chromebooks are provided to learn on at our in-person courses, but you can borrow or buy a device to participate or continue study at home 
Internet connection to connect to the web, online services and our LMS

Free Skinny Jump Modems are available to those who qualify and need connections at home as an affordable option to learn from home
Obtain digital skills by attending a Kanorau Digital training for free tuition and support 

Visit our schedule page to see 3 ways you can learn with Kanorau Digital, which include public and private options for in-peron or online learning
A Learning Management Platform (LMS) to accessing the content anytime from any place

You will be given access to our LMS when you register for Kanorau Digital and be able to access all the content and ask for support while the programme is available
Chromebook or laptop | phone


To access the Kanorau Digital course from home, you will need a digital device such as a smart phone, laptop or PC. Those who have a smart phone, use this to watch videos and practice on their pc or laptop.
skinny jump

Internet Connection

You want a reliable internet connect to have the best experience, particularly if learning during our Live Online options.
Kanorau digital


Skills are attained by learning key concepts and practicing. You will have access the our LMS if you forget concepts or how to do things, been practice is the key to attaining mastery.
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The Kanorau Digital course is hosted on an online learning platform called Coassemble. This is where our participants access all the trainings, videos, activities and tasks that are part of the course.

Kanorau + Coassemble

Learning Tips & Resources

To really benefit from this course, and develop your digital skills, we encourage you to complete all the quizzes along the way, to test your knowledge and progress. Don't let getting answers wrong, put you off continuing your learning journey, and remember - you can always go back and review your learning.

Learning should be fun and easy. We encourage you to set yourself up in an environment where you can learn. Be seated comfortably, make sure you can see your device clearly, and you're free from distractions.

It's important to take short breaks from the device. Every 20 minutes or so, take a moment to stretch, look away from your device, and move your body.

We understand that learning can sometimes be daunting for some, so where possible we encourage you to learn with a friend. Encourage your whānau and friends to visit our public schedule or e-learning stream too, so they can be part of your learning journey.

Remember you can call usvisit our websiteemail us or attend an online support session to get help from our team.

Call us on 0800 526 672 during business hours to speak to our Contact Centre team. Or visit our FAQ section here.