Is Your whānau Ready for the Digital Age?

Learn the digital skills you need to use technology in our rapidly changing world.
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A Range of Topics to help you live better

Kanorau Digital has a wide range of topics that will help you navigate the digital world.

Depending on the class you join, the following topics may be covered:

Intro to Google

Learn some core basics like how to operate a Chromebook (if you have one), connecting to the internet, creating a Google account and accessing key apps.

Online Shopping & Safety

Learn how to shop safely online – grocery shopping, Trademe, or how to find the best price with Pricespy.

Managing Money

Learn how to use Google Sheets to budget, and the benefits of online banking.


Learn about online safety, how to avoid scams, create great passwords or reset them if you forget.

Presentations & Photos

Learn how to present easily with Google Slides, Google Images, and Google Photos.

Get More Out Of Google!

Learn about topics like Google Drive folders, sharing and permissions, Slides for presentations.

Digital Communication

Learn about communication tools like Google Meet or Zoom plus overview of other video communication tools.

Digital Job Seeking

Learn how to prepare a CV, find a job online and submit your application.

Online Services

Learn about signing up to government and other essential services online such as RealMe, IRD, and entertainment services.

Google Maps & Travel

Learn how to find addresses and plan travel using Google Maps.

Create a Website

Learn how to build a website using Google Sites for your whānau business, or community.

Digital Tikanga

Learn about social etiquette and the risks and dangers of being online, how to use the web to find help or solve problems, and some simple tips on troubleshooting problems with your electronic device.

Dive Deeper (Extensions)

Learn about more useful tools like bookmarks, Google Maps, and how to use key Google apps on your Smartphone.

Google Classroom

Learn the basics of Google Classroom to deliver your classes.

Guide to Tertiary Study

Learn key tips to help you understand and prepare successfully for tertiary study including accessing loans and allowances, and forming good study habits.

Community Support & Vounteering

Learn how to find work or volunteering opportunities online.

Facebook for Business or Community

Learn how to setup a Facebook page for your business or community kaupapa.

Video Editing

Learn simple steps to planning and editing videos.
Lisa Graham Kanorau Participant
Lisa Graham rarely used the internet. She didn’t know the basics of how to use a computer or how to get around the web. She was also afraid of being scammed online. However, doing the Kanorau Digital programme changed all of that!

“I’m going online a lot more now and feel more confident with the internet. I also know how to use my phone better!” 
Lisa Graham
Kanorau Digital Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course free?

Yes, Kanorau Digital is a free course.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending this course?

You'll need to have a basic level of reading and writing.

For online classes: you'll need to download Zoom video software to participate in this option.

For online or eLearning classes: you'll need internet access and a suitable device to learn on.

Who is this course for?

Kanorau Digital is created for NZ citizens, permanent residents, or those living in NZ aged 18 years and over, or school leavers needing to improve their digital skills. 

How many times can I register and attend?

You can register once for each type of class: in-person, online and eLearning.

What are private courses?

If you work with clients that have specific needs, or have a group of whānau and friends wanting to learn together, get in touch to discuss our private class options.

This option is assessed case-by-case. As some conditions apply, please get in touch to discuss.

You'll need between 10-15 people to sign up for either option.

What support is available?

Digital skills support is only available to individuals who have registered for our course.

You can access this support by calling 0800 KANORAU (526 672) during business hours, Monday to Friday, or by emailing

What topics are covered?

We cover a lot of topics, including online shopping, setting up and managing email accounts, keeping an online calendar and how to Google search for different solutions - just to name a few.

Opt in to stay in touch with us, to learn about any new topics we'll be adding to the course.

Why should I do this course?

Digital skills have become necessary to navigate our rapidly changing world.

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for courses like Kanorau Digital, to help many NZers improve their digital skills. If you want to stay connected with family and friends, improve your confidence to use online services such as food shopping, banking and medical support - Kanorau Digital is for you.

How do I register?

You can call 0800 KANORAU (526 672), email us at, or click the contact button at the top of this page.

I don’t have a device or internet access at home. Is it still worth attending?

You might be eligible for Skinny Jump, a low-cost internet service for those who don't have internet access at home.

Visit Skinny Jump or get in touch with us to find out more information.

Do I need to bring anything when I come to class?

Your enthusiasm! 

For the in-person option: we supply the equipment and resources. Please bring your own headphones to listen to videos and recordings.