Kanorau 2022

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Support is now limited to email kanorau@twoa.ac.nz. Please send your request with a detailed explanation with your enquiry on what you would like help with. 

A Range of Topics to help you live better

Kanorau Digital has a wide range of topics that will help you navigate the digital world with up to 18 modules in the course by the end of the year. Below is a sample of themes covered in the content available via our learning management system. 

Connect Online

Use Social Media or Video tools like Zoom to connect with others.

Access eServices

Sign up to government services like RealMe, IRD, ACC, etc. 

Design Easily

Use tools like Canva and Google Slides to design CV's, presentations, or graphics.

Shop Online

Order groceries online from supermarkets, or products from other retailers in NZ or abroad.


Send Emails and Calendar appointments to personal or professional contacts.

Create Accounts

Learn the fundamentals of creating accounts and how to create good passwords.

Get Help Online

Get help by searching online for service providers, and apply for help online.

Manage Finances

Manage money using Google Sheets for budgeting, or learn about internet banking.

Search Google

Find solutions to your problems using the Google Search Engine and YouTube platforms.

Spot Scams

Identify Scams and Potential Threats and learn how to handle these to stay safe.

Upload to Cloud

Upload and store photos and files to free cloud storage services like Google Photos & Drive.

Build a Website

Build a website to showcase your projects for study or whanau kaupapa.
Lisa Graham Kanorau Participant
Lisa Graham rarely used the internet. She didn’t know the basics of how to use a computer or how to get around the web. She was also afraid of being scammed online. However, doing the Kanorau Digital programme changed all of that!

“I’m going online a lot more now and feel more confident with the internet. I also know how to use my phone better!” 
Lisa Graham
Kanorau Digital Participant