Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions we get from people interested in Kanorau Digital. If your questions still isn't answered, contact us.

Is Kanorau Digital free?

Yes, this course is totally free at present. Don't delay in attending, as we can't guarantee that it will be free forever.

What will I get for attending?

Face to face - in person courses:
You will receive the following for attending a Kanorau Digital course: 
- Face to face tuition in a safe group environment;
- A take-home printed tauira workbook and pen;
- An electronic certificate of participation after you attend. A printed certificate of participation can be posted to you on request;
- An electronic certificate of completion when you finish all the content online in Coassemble.

Live Online courses: 
You will receive the following for attending a live online course: 
- An electronic certificate of participation after you attend. A printed certificate of participation can be posted to you on request;
- An electronic certificate of completion when you finish all the content online in Coassemble;
- Access to electronic copies of the tauira workbook.

E-Learning Stream:
You will receive the following for participating in the e-learning stream:
- An electronic certificate of completion when you finish all the content online in Coassemble.

When are courses held? 

Visit our public schedule page for a list of face to face - in person course dates, times and locations. 

If there is not a course available in your area, contact us to suggest we visit your area. You could also try the E-Learning stream if you'd like to get learning straight away.

Where are courses held?

Courses are held around the country, but we encourage you to request a course in your town or suburb if you don't see one listed on our public schedule

Once we have enough interest from your area, we will contact those registered to confirm a course date.

In the meantime, remember you can give the E-Learning stream a go at any time.

What topics are covered in Kanorau Digital?

- Chromebooks
- Smart Phones
- Google Suite of Tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites etc)
- Google Maps
- Websites
- Sending Emails
- Calendar Appointments
- Online Shopping
- Online Banking
- Budgeting
- Job Preparation
- Accessing the Internet
- Troubleshooting
- Online Safety

Are there any pre-requisites before registering for a course? 

Basic English literacy is recommended to participate in our public courses.

We are looking to run courses in Pasifika languages with our partner Pasifika Futures in the near future.

If you are attending our online options, you will need internet access, and a suitable device to learn on. If attending a live online session, you will also need Zoom installed to join the session.

Why should I do this course? 

The world is rapidly changing. Digital skills are becoming a necessity for the modern era.

The global pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of whānau who were unable to order groceries or medications online, get help, access essential services, or communicate online.

With banks closing branches and the potential for future lockdowns, there are many reasons to start learning digital skills for the modern era.

Who is this course for? 

Although this course was designed with Māori, Pasifika and people with disabilities in mind, it is open to all New Zealanders who need digital skills training.

How do I register for a course?

You can register for a face to face - in-person course in the following ways: 
- Online via our public schedule page
- Call our Contact Hub on 0800 526 672
- Email us at
- Complete a printed registration form in person at a course

To register for the E-Learning stream, visit the our E-Learning page here.

Our Online via Zoom sessions will soon be available to regisrer for. Watch this space.

How many times can I register or attend a course? 

You can register and attend face to face - in-person courses up to three times if you need refreshers. 

There are no limits to attending online via Zoom sessions, or support sessions.

Is this programme the same as Stepping Up?

Kanorau Digital is complementary to the Stepping Up programme, and you will benefit from attending their classes as well, as they may go into topics much more in depth.

We recommend starting your journey with Kanorau Digital and then further upskilling with Stepping Up.

How do I access the online platform?

If you have registered for the E-Learning stream, or attended a face to face course, you will have automatically been given access to Coassemble - our online learning platform.

You can access Coassemble here, logging in with your email address and password.

If you have trouble accessing Coassemble, call our Contact Hub on 0800 526 672.

What support do I receive after completing the course?

Once you learn online, the opportunities are endless. 

You will have ongoing access to the Google Tools as long as they make them available.

You will continue to have ongoing access to Coassemble (our online learning platform) for as long as this course is available.

We will provide online support sessions as long as this course is being delivered.

What else can I do after attending a course? 

We may release further content to help you prepare for future endeavours including employment, entrepreneurship, volunteering, study, or becoming a digital creator.

Participants will be emailed once this content is made available on the platform. 

I don't have a device or internet access at home, is it still worth attending? 

We provide all the equipment and resources in our face to face - in-person course, including Chromebooks for you to learn from so it's no problem if you don't have your own device.

For those who need internet access at home, you may be eligible for a Skinny Jump programme if you meet their criteria. Kanorau Digital can provide you with information on how to get access to a free Skinny Jump device.

We are looking at providing a device access programme that gives access to discounted devices for those who qualify so coming along to find out about this programme is definitely a must. 

Do I need to bring anything when I attend a course?

No, just your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We can supply all equipment and resources for learning in class as required.

You might like to bring a whānau member or friend with you though, someone to learn alongside and check in with can be great encouragement.

What are private courses? 

Private courses are options for organisations who have clients with specific needs, where we tailor the course to those needs. Check out some of partners who offer private courses here

If you have a group of 10-15 whānau or friends, get in touch with us about our private course options. We are set up for mobile delivery and can come to your group. Some conditions apply for this option, so please contact us here