Kanorau Course Content

Thanks for your interest in the Kanorau Digital Course.

We have two course offerings at present:

  1. Essentials Course (Designed to be more modular for customised delivery)
  2. Original Course (Delivered in Pilot and now being used in our eLearning Stream)

Essentials Course

The Essentials course has a core module at the beginning and optional 1 hour modules. You can do some or all the modules depending on what delivery you are undertaking and how much time you have.

  1. Intro to Google Tools - Core content including using a Chromebook (for In Person Courses) and key Google tools.
  2. Online shopping - Secure websites, shopping, Trade Me, PriceSpy.
  3. Scams/passwords - Scams, passwords and online safety.
  4. Digital Tikanga - Concepts, and DT in action.
  5. Managing money - Google Sheets/budgets, online banking.
  6. Digital Whare - Google Sites.
  7. Organization/Productivity/Google Tools - Drive folders, sharing and permissions, Slides for presentations.
  8. Searching - Google searches, YouTube searches, using bookmarks plus some relevant parts of extension.
  9. Extensions - Extension topics covering a range of topics from original.
  10. Digital Communication - Google Meet and some Zoom, plus overview of other video communication tools.
  11. Digital Job Seeking - Topics related to job seeking and employment.
  12. Google Maps & Travel - Topics covering finding addresses and planning travel.
  13. Accessing Online Services - Topics covering government and other essential services online.

Original Course

The Kanorau Digital course is currently made up of four wāhanga (modules). Each wāhanga covers specific learning outcomes that are designed to increase your knowledge, understanding of and confidence with digital tools.

We cover things like:
- How to send and check emails
- Use tools to create, organise and connect to the digital world
- Solve common problems using online resources
- Complete day-to-day tasks such as online shopping and banking
- Staying safe when you are online

You can come back to these lessons at any time to review your learnings and practice your new skills. Coassemble will be accessible to you for as long as this course is available.